Everyone Should Have Beautiful Photography

Hi There!


I’m Sharyn Peavey, a lifestyle and wedding photographer who calls Freeport, Maine my home.  I have more than 20 years of experience as a professional photographer and I know firsthand how important it is to find AND hire someone who will GET YOU.  It is especially important to find the right match for something as personal as pictures of yourself. What could be more of a personal statement than that of your photo, which will be carried on through the years, even outlasting ourselves? Your photographs will be an extension of yourself and you want them to represent you authentically.  Searching through photographer websites could inundate you with so much prettiness that it leaves you overwhelmed and unsure of your  personal vision, and maybe bogged down in details.  I believe there's a simple way to get started. So before you go any further,  I ask you to ponder this question.






I realize that there are many photographers capturing moments, all to different capacities.  I truly love all the real moments, there is so much more to love about a person than just their smile. Long lasting love loves the real you, so I ask you why shouldn’t your wedding photos do the same? I do love the pretty moments too, and if you give me time by taking advantage of my complete coverage wedding package, I will be thrilled to spend the time to make you feel and look like a rockstar. And it doesn’t even matter how much time you spend at the gym before your wedding or not. Together, we've got this. 



Take a look through my site and if you are feeling good and want to see yourself in my pictures, contact me. It’s that simple. I already know we are going to get along just fine and we will make a great team!


Explore further and please drop me a line below! I'd love to hear from you.

When you are looking for a photographer, that can only mean something awesome is in your life that you need a professional! I look forward to hearing all about what that awesomeness is. ~Sharyn