Everyone Deserves a Beautiful Portrait

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

- Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

So let me share with you what I see...

And choosing your photographer is more than

just looking through their lens...


It's hillariously similar to online dating. You'll look at some pics, exchange some messages, but you never really know if its a good fit until you meet. Your photographer is someone you need to trust, someone you can have fun and let loose with while also sharing some of your most precious memories. In true online dating fashion, here are some quick tid bits about me, 'cause selecting your photographer is all about finding a good match, it's not just about the pictures!

Number of cities I have lived in: 6 (Baltimore, Boston, Pittsburge, New York, Portland) 

Color of my first car: Yellow!

Age I began photographing: 14

The first person to teach me how to use a camera: My Dad

Number of people I have photographed: 40,152 (ok, so that's an estimate, but it's probably real close, likely even more!)

Number of miles I have traveled to photograph: 216,032

Number of hours I have spent cleaning my house: clearly not enough, haha

What makes my heart sing (besides photography): My daughter Lucia, our pup Pepper and Salsa Dancing

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