Checking off “hire photographer” on your to-do list can be overwhelming and every photographer does things a little differently. Navigating through all that info can be like driving down a foggy road in the woods of Maine. YIKES!

Have no fear! The packages I offer you I have carefully thought out with all my v a s t  w i s d o m  *  so that you will walk away a happy and satisfied couple.  I have received numerous text messages from brides that receiving their album on their doorstep was like having Christmas morning! I am happy to offer the packages I do and excited to share them with you! So please, continue on and read more!

Find Your Match...




Complete Coverage
the Modern & Extraordinary 8x20 Album
with 75-100 retouched images
High Resolution Images
approx. 1000



8 Hours of Coverage
the Solidly Memorable 10x13 Album
with 50-75 retouched images
High Resolution Images
approx. 800



6 Hours of Coverage
the Simply Admirable 8x10 Album
with 50 retouched images
High Resolution Images
approx. 500




My wedding packages above ALSO include the following:

· consultation & portrait schedule planning · myself & my associate who second shoots and assists in professional lighting · a BEAUTIFUL album that is custom designed to your style
· high resolution files with the rights to print · all the album files exactly how you see them in your album ~ beautifully polished and touched up!
· online gallery to view, share with friends and a place AUNT Millie can buy her prints ..... and most importantly a fabulously good time!





3 Hours of Coverage
High Resolution Images


1-2 Hour Shoot
Online Gallery
$400 Product Credit


shoot throughout the day
works with me & my associate
pricing varies depending on wedding




Don’t worry about selecting the perfect package. You can start modestly and always add more later on IF you find it neccessary. 

All weddings are booked with a contract, deposit and a payment plan with your choice of monthly installments or payment in thirds. And yes I do take cc! I love my rewards point and I am sure you do too.

My packages can be customized. That is what is so great about talking, I can customize a package for you once we discuss your needs and the day. My goal is to make this process as simple and easy as possible for you. So if there is anything I can do to aid in that process, please don’t hesitate to ask. ok feeling like you understand the process a little bit more, not stressed? Sweet. Check out my pictures and my blog some more. Then, NEXT step - check  to see if I have YOUR special date open!





the M&E Album

Modern & Extra-Ordinary
20x8 flip style book
75 to 100 images


included in package A
the S&M Album

Solidly Memorable
10x13 classic left to right
50 to 75 images


included in package B
the S&A Album

Simply Admirable
8x10 classic left to right
50 images


included in package C





the FTP Album

For The Parents
8x8 parent album
30 images


build into initial package for $550
the JFF Album

Just For Fun !
10x4 Flip Up Album
30 images


build into initial package for $550
the LMB

Little Mini Books
3x3 accordian book
set of 3
12 images
perfect for a gift!